Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker

Air to Ground


One of the most attractive targets during the invasion are the Russian container ships. They each carry up to 40 of the Russian T-90 main battle tanks. As such, sinking them can seriously hurt the invasion, and if you destroy enough of them the initial landings can be contained within a small number of sectors.
However, the container ships are very well defended by escorting warships within the Russian fleet; so well defended in fact, that most low or medium altitude attacks meet with formidable defensive fire. Despite that, it is possible to destroy up to seven container ships, that.s 280 tanks, on a single mission!

Cluster Bombs


Rocket attacks are generally low altitude events with a shallow dive angle.
Dive angles vary from about 5 to 30 degrees, and release altitudes vary from a few hundred feet to as much as several thousand feet. Remember that low altitudes require shallower dive angles.
For buildings, a steeper dive angle will increase the planform area of the target making it easier to see and hit and so this type of delivery can be very effective. However, you will need to have an altitude of several thousand feet before you begin your roll in to the target and that will make you vulnerable to SAMs.
From the strategy guide

This is what a fairly typical strafing approach looks like from 2 miles out - just before weapon release. 1,500 feet altitude and 5 degrees nose down.


I didn't use the Paveways at all the first time I played the original Eurofighter Typhoon campaign... big mistake!
Not having read the manual carefully, I didn't realise that the aircraft's avionics could track and target multiple targets... meaning you can ripple launch the Paveways, to 7 at a time. Given their high success rate when launched within parameters, this means you can potentially take out 7 T-90 tanks in one pass!
And then, in the strategy guide - there was this description of Loft Bombing.

When you employ these weapon delivery techniques you will find that the Paveway is extremely effective, yielding probability of kill ratios between 85% and 100%. That means at least six or seven kills from a maximum load of seven.
During you approach, it will be possible to use terrain masking to maximum effect by running in from dead ground, with a previously acquired lock, and then popping up over the terrain just prior to weapon release. This type of attack affords even more protection, but unfortunately the terrain rarely cooperates in providing an ideal attack route, and the ability of your onboard systems to hold a lock with a broken line of sight is not consistent.
Even so, bearing these factors in mind, will enable you to make good decisions during your mission, and should increase your combat effectiveness, while reducing the level of damage sustained during such attacks.