Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker


You can turn the cockpit off for a more unobstructed view. Then use the F-11 and F-12 keys to zoom the view.
Virtual cockpit
Pressing F-1 once centres the view.
Pressing F1 again turns the cockpit frame off.


Note the white cone shapes. They portray enemy Air Radar coverage and appear when you select "Stealth Mode". If you keep your plane out of the cones you are unlikely to be detected, or at least while gain precious time before you are detected.
Your aircraft is at the bottom of the display.
From the manual:
On the radar, unidentified traces are shown in orange, while the designation of the currently selected trace is shown as unknown on the HUD. At closer ranges, an unidentified trace may gain a category designation, such as fighter or bomber, but remains an unknown trace in terms of aircraft type and allegiance.
At closer ranges, Non-Cooperative Target Recognition will identify the type of aircraft and Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) systems will determine the allegiance.

Pirate Infra Red System

Invaluable in dogfights, the IR image shows you what the target is up to. With the radar in Stealth Mode, you can use the IR system to execute sneaky rear attacks with the ASRAAM.
From the manual:
At ranges of around 20nm, the PIRATE Infra Red Search and Track (IRST) comes into its own. This sensor detects heat emissions from targets and is passive, which means that it emits no signals that could give away your position, unlike the radar. Information from the IRST on enemy positions is integrated with the radar signals and appears on the same MFD. IRST is also capable of providing TV-like images which aids in aircraft recognition.

DASS - Defensive Aids Sub-System

Your plane is at the centre of the display. Use this display to out-manoeuvre incoming missiles.
From the manual:
Air targets will be identified with with red, orange or green squares, for enemy, unidentified traces, or confirmed targets.
The Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) that integrates with the DASS will show you which aircraft have locked you in their radar, and provides a 360 degree view of missiles approaching from as far away as 60 miles.

The RPM display and Attitude Direction Indicator function in the virtual cockpit. Most of your information will be derived from the HUD and the 3 overlays at the bottom of the screen.

There are no snap views.