Eurofighter Typhoon

Padlock on ships

Not ordinary ships these - they are the Ekranoplane - a Russian craft which "flies" a few feet above the sea.
Besides the Ekranoplane there are fast hovercraft to deal with and huge convoys of cargo ships protected by Guided Missile Frigates which let rip with SAM's at the worst possible moments. Eurofighter Typhoonteaches you to respect these threats and not loiter about.
Letting rip with the CRV-7 unguided rockets.
Spectacular smoke trails and satisfying explosions from these weapons. I did have a minor gripe though - I wish I could have set the "ripple" number - so I could designate 2 - 4 - 8- 16 - 32 rockets per trigger press. To have to press the trigger 128 times is ridiculous. Because of that I mainly stuck to the Brimstone guided missile.
Mmm... on second thoughts it is a Brimstone attack shown in this picture after all! The fact that I'm flying straight and level is a clue - the CRV-7 has to be released in a diving attack. In this picture I'm just loitering about for a photo opportunity - which as I said is not the thing to do!