European Air War |

European Air War

A gaggle of P-47 Thunderbolts taking off.
A gaggle of P-47 Thunderbolts taking off.

Take Off
Extend Flaps F
Start engines and Shift ] for twin engined aircraft Shift [
100 % throttle 9
Release wheel brakes B
Rotate 100-120 mph
160 - 195 kph
Raise Gear G
Raise Flaps Shift F

The aircraft in EAW are "tail draggers" so forward visibility is very limited. Turn the cockpit off with Shift-1 to see where you are going!

Alternatively, keep an eye on the aircraft in front and to the right and release your brakes after a suitable interval, say 5 seconds. Pull back on the stick the same time interval after he takes off and you should be airborne. Padlock the view to that aircraft and follow him to altitude.

These images were taken in 1998 using a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee.