F-117 NightstormF-117 Nightstorm

F-117 Nightstorm


When you're flying your F-117, you need to stay on top of your plane's status.

Occasionally while flying you'll see different things happening in or around your plane. Listed here are the important ones to note.

In some views, you may see your wingman flying next to you. He won't affect your flight at all, and follows your lead.
A light-colored cone sometimes moves in front or around your plane. This is a radar signal being emitted from an enemy ground patrol. Maneuver around it to minimize your damage.
When flying through hostile territory, keep an eye on your damage indicator at all times. The enemy can get off a lucky hit every now and then, so if you don't want to walk home, keep alert.


Use the Pause Screen to find your location and heading, view the list of primary targets, and change game options.

Your Map

At anytime during Arcade or Campaign modes, press START to pause, view your map, and change play options. On the map, the picture of the plane represents you and the direction you're heading.

List of Targets

Below the map is a list of targets. The color of the text describing a target determines the target's status:
Green denotes a primary target. All primary objectives must be destroyed to complete a mission.
Yellow denotes a secondary target. You'll score points for destroying secondary targets, but you don't have to destroy them to complete your mission.
Gray denotes a destroyed target.
Red denotes a friendly unit - don't destroy it!


The list down the right side of the screen is your current flight setup.
D-Pad up/down to move option to option.
D-Pad left/right to change the currently highlighted option.

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