F-117 NightstormF-117 Nightstorm

F-117 Nightstorm


In Arcade mode, you have unlimited weapons and can determine the number of enemy air and ground units, the environment, length of your mission, and difficulty level. A score screen appears after you mission. Your score is based on the number of enemy units destroyed. Use Arcade mode to practice your flying and targeting of enemy units.


Campaign mode consists of 30 missions that must be completed in order. Before starting, the campaign, you may wish to change a callsign for yourself and a name for your plane. D-Pad Left/Right until you see a name you like then D-Pad Down and do the same to choose a name for your plane. When you're finished, press START. It begins with the Nevada Training missions and takes you through nine different theaters of combat. You have a finite number of weapons and a list of primary objects that must be destroyed to finish each mission and advance to the next. Your Campaign mode objective is to complete all 30 missions.

Crashing in Campaign mode can set you back a few missions, so fly with a tight head and watch the horizon.
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