F-117 NightstormF-117 Nightstorm

F-117 Nightstorm


Michael Kosaka

As a designer of F-117, Michael adds Stealth Pilot to his long list of favorite roles. In his seven years here at Electronic Arts (EA), he has graced us with his abilities as Skateboard Maintenance Officer (Skate or Die), Football Coach (John Madden Football), Sensei of the EA martial arts dojo (Budokan) and Senior Lawnboy (PGA TOUR Golf). In his spare time, Michael likes to eat chili verde burritos at 2 a.m., and skateboard down the shag halls here at EA. There he goes now!

Chris Ebert

Chris is an interesting programmer who began his keyboard tickling at the tender age of 23. His obvious talent led him to be snapped up by Mediagenic, where he saw the light and game to EA. When he isn't pulling 14-hour days behind the EA curtain, he participates in historical fun with the Society for Creative Anachronism, plays with his unusual collection of pirate ships, and plays four different recorders and the hammer dulcimer.

Chuck Sommerville

Chuck has been programming since age 17, and hasn't been able to stop. He joined EA after a 7-year stint with Epyx, breaking his vow never to work for the "Evil Empire" (EA). I guess if you add enough zeros onto the end of any check, even vows change. Chuck likes to scuba dive (they don't call him "Shark Bait" just cause he's pretty), create electronic sculptures, and skateboard in his spare time.

Brian Krause

Brain has been interested in computers since he was a kid. He started programming on the old Vic 20 at home as a hobby, then he graduated to the Commodore 64, and later to the Amiga. He finally started getting paid for his work when he got hired at Distinctive Software, Inc. in Burnaby, British Columbia. Working at DSI, Brain became the living, breatin proof that you don't have to hate going to work. DSI later became Electronic Arts Canada, and the rest is history.
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