F-117 NightstormF-117 Nightstorm

F-117 Nightstorm


M61-A1 20 mm Cannon

Virtualy the standard gun in all U.S. fighters, the M61-A1 has six barrels and fires 100 rounds per second. To fire it, line up your target and press C.

AIM-9P Sidewinder

The most remarkable missile program in history. This Infra-red air-to- air homing missile is a fire-and-forget. Note that you can get a target lock, fire, switch to a new target, and fire a second time without the first missile losing its tracking.

GBU-27 A/B Paveway III

A silicon-seeker head detects laser light from the target and controls the bomb's trajectory towards the laser light. Direct the Paveway's path through Bombsight mode. A direct hit destroys any target.

AGM-65E Maverick

This model of Maverick packs 13 pounds of shaped-charge explosives for maximum penetration. Use these fire-and-forget missiles for smaller targets. Larger structures require two hits from this Maverick.

AGM-65A Maverick

Sister of E-Model Maverick, this Maverick uses a pilot guided system. Once you fire it, steer it to the target.


The HARM (High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile) is best used against enemy radar installations. Its long standoff range (3 miles) makes it ideal for clearing radar-infested areas.

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