Laser Guided Bombs

The GBU-10 Paveway is a 2000-pound laser-guided bomb used on bridges and other hardened targets. It's a big sucker, so keep plenty of altitude on hand when you let it go; take it from me, getting hammered by your own bombs is not fun.

  1. Begin your bombing run at about 25 km from the target: drop to 1600 feet and go to full throttle
  2. When the bottom of the target box reaches the glare shield, open your bay doors
  3. As the target passes underneath the plane, the LOCK light on the glareshield will start to flash. When it stays on steady, pickle the bomb and immediately pitch up 20 degrees until it hits
  4. Coming off target, execute a hard turn toward your next waypoint and return to your pre-run altitude. Return the throttle to its previous setting. Close the bay doors
  5. These instructions are for Paveway LGBs and CBU-72 fuel-air bombs. For MK-20 Rockeye IIs, you can drop lower for a more accurate shot
Tank Farm (Petroleum, Oil, Lubrication).
Tank Farm (Petroleum, Oil, Lubrication).


MiGMan thanks Miles McCorsion