F-117A Stealth Fighter - Flight and Combat Procedures

This file is intended to familiarize you with the F-117A and its weapons systems. It is not a complete tutorial (that's why they have a manual), but it may help with common problems you may face.


Take a look at the cockpit: there are two multifunction displays, some warning lights, a few numeric displays, and one guage. The left-hand MFD currently shows a map of the theater. Aircraft appear as red dots, SAM sites and missile boats as black dots, and there are lines connecting your waypoints to show your assigned flight path. Think of this as not only your navigation system, but your AWACS link display as well.

Press F3. Now you are looking at your radar screen. The following keys control your radar:

  • F2 - Toggle targeting mode (NAV, AIR, or GROUND)
  • F3 - Toggle map/nav on left MFD
  • Z - Decrease radar range
  • X - Increase radar range
  • B - Aquire target (cycles through available targets; keep pressing it until the target you want shows up the right-hand MFD)
The default map setting
The default map setting


MiGMan thanks Miles McCorsion