Missile Evasion

Here's how the warning lights work:
  • MW - Missile Warning system is out. You'll have to watch carefully for enemy missiles, since you won't get an aural waring or a radar/IR light. You can still continue your mission
  • BD - Your bay doors are stuck. If they're closed, you can't bomb, so might as well return to base. If they're open, you will have a huge RCS for the rest of the mission, and youexpect more miss- iles to come your way. Reducing your throttle and pitching up will help a little. Continue the mission unless the doors are closed
  • FC - Your flight control system is messed up. The plane will jump and wiggle all the home unless you stay above about 2500 feet. This is particularly annoying when you're trying to land
  • AV - Avionics. Your navigation system is down so you'll have to use the map to estimate your waypoint bearings by eye. This shouldn't be too much of a problem if you know how to use a compass. If you don't, you are lost. Just fly around looking for a friendly airbase until you find one or run out of fuel
  • ENG - Your engine power is reduced. Unless it drops below idle, stay with the plane. But if you can't stay in the air, press SHIFT-F10 to eject
  • FIRE - Your engine is on fire. In a real aircraft, you would find that ejection handle and get the hell out of there. But in this game, fire in the engine doesn't seem to have any effect
  • JAM - Your jammers are out. Oh well. Chaff and flares and good reflexes will have to do
  • FUEL - It's hard to get much scarier than this one. If you are losing fuel, divert to the nearest friendly airbase immediately, or bail out
The warning panel annunciators.
The warning panel annunciators.

Now, about that radar that tracked you. Those fellas on the ground know too much, and you'll have to take them out.

MiGMan thanks Miles McCorsion