Firing missiles

Instructions are basically the same for all missiles, but range, accuracy, and effectiveness will vary depending on the weapon. Generally, just wait until the LOCK light comes on, then open your bay and fire.

MAVERICK - Use Mavericks on small, pinpoint targets like missiles and and vehicles. Range: 32 km. Accuracy: you will see an oval around the target. Wait until it turns red, then fire. Works wonders on small missile boats.

PENGUIN - Norwegian-built anti-ship missile. Same as Maverick, but use it on bigger ships (destroyers, frigates, etc.)

HARPOON - A big, nasty anti-ship cruise missle. Save these for big ships like tankers and submarines. Range: 60 km. Accuracy: fire as soon as you have a lock. The missile will look like it is moving away from the target at first, but give it a chance, it will hit.

HARM - The AGM-88A HARM is a high-speed antiradiation missile. A nice thing to have if those pesky enemy radars catch you over their terr- itory. Range: about 15 km. Accuracy: fire when locked.

The right hand instrument panel
The right hand instrument panel

Photo Reconnaisance Missions

MiGMan thanks Miles McCorsion