F-15 Strike Eagle III

F-15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose (1992) F-15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose (1992)
Exhibit - F-15 Strike Eagle III


MiGMan, Thank you for keeping this game alive. I fell in love with this sim the year it came out.

I have an "vintage" 486DX2 @ 66 that I keep in the attic just so I can run this game. It is the perfect balance between "arcade" and "realistic simulation". Are you aware of any resources that enable this to be run from a USB thumbdrive or bootable CD?

I keep thinking I should get rid of the old computer, but nothing has ever met my expectations since F15III, and I refuse to part with my ability to run this game. Perhaps you can recommend a solution? I ran it successfully on Win98 but have since started using W2K for my main computer. I plan to "seek until I find" a way to make this work on new computers. I would sincerely appreciate your help.

Thanks again,


E-mail: jteel3@gmail.com

Feb 2006

F-15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose (1992)

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