F-15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose (1992) F-15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose (1992)
Exhibit - F-15 Strike Eagle III

F-15 Strike Eagle 3 Cockpit

You flew as pilot from the front seat and could also jump into the back seat and act as Weapon Systems Officer. The term "back-seat-driver" took on new connotations afer this!

F-15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose (1992)

It was an excellent sim for co-op multiplay. . I once assembled a 2-seater cockpit front/Back to play it. I had my cockpit in front and a contraption made out of bricks, chairs, wood and a monitor behind - with a second computer connected by null-modem cable. Hours of fun!

Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone capable of (wanting to ) playing it so I spent a couple of days running from the front to the back seat flying it myself! It was a great buzz to sit in the "back" and peer around the monitor - ejection seat - at the view out of the front "canopy".

The 7 MFD's could display 12 different readouts....and you could store your own preferences for Navigation, Air to Air and Air to Ground modes.

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