F-16 Aggressor cp_snapviews_100
Exhibit - F-16 Aggressor
Release Date - 1998
Developer - General Simulations Incorporated Ltd.
Publisher - Virgin Interactive
Comments - F-16 Aggressor was said to have a flight model so close to the real thing that the 'Men in Black' paid the developers a visit and asked them to tone it down a bit. Released just before Falcon 4.0, it could have been a classic but corporate machinations instead steered it towards the dusty archives of Flight Sim History.


Manual Cover

Flying the F-16

F-16 Aggressor


F-16 Cockpit F-16 Cockpit - key to the instruments

Air to Air

Air to Ground


Simulated objects

F-16C Fighting Falcon

I spotted one of these aircraft lurking about at low level in the livery of GSI - the developer of this sim !