F-16 Combat Pilot

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Commodore Amiga

" If my flight-sim history serves me correctly, this one was the direct "competition" to Spectrum Holobytes Falcon, but I much preferred Digital Image Design's efforts to Falcon.


Falcon's subtle pastel shades

The graphics were more in-your-face unlike Falcon's subtle pastel shades, but the game play was just everything you could ever want.

You had training missions, single combat missions and the full campaign modes, plus the head-to-head option. You were also able to keep a flying log of all your time on F-16, which included the use of your "callsign", which also appeared in the game when you contacted the tower on airfields ( very basic radio comms, but at the time a real thrill ). "

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

Ready Room -

" The training missions let you learn everything you needed to know about the F-16, from it's complex avionics to the large selection of weapons at your disposal. Once you got the hang of things, it's onto the single combat missions, where real bullets and missiles would let fly. You had to complete a set amount of single combats in order to be considered fit for campaign duties.

The campaigns were fully dynamic, and the whole strategy was down to you. "

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