F-16 Combat Pilot

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Commodore Amiga

" Most of the missions would start with you inside a HAS, from which you would start up and taxi to the active runway - not easy if your base was under air-attack.

From what I remember, the air opposition was made up from FOXHOUND's, FLOGGER's and FULCRUM's. You would also find a few HIND type helo's about the place in the campaigns.

The weapons you could use included, AMMRAM, AIM-9L, Mk82 ( slicks and snakes ), Mk83 slicks, Mk84 slicks, HARM, Durandal, Maverick ( laser and IR ), 20mm cannon, plus you also had LANTIRN ( possibly the first appearence in a flight-sim? ), a recce pod, ECM pod and the usual external fuel tanks.

Landing this one took a little bit of time to master as you needed to get the AoA and vertical velocity spot-on. And when you had mastered that, you could throw in a bit of bad weather ( fog and low cloud down to 500ft AGL ) and if you were really lucky, it could all be in the black of night too.

And believe me, night flying was something else. You had no visual references except for the green thermal image projected onto your HUD by the LANTIRN pods. You did see lights on the ground though from towns and military installations etc, which were of limited help. "

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

F16 Combat Pilot playing on a TV monitor
F16 Combat Pilot playing on a TV monitor
F16 Combat Pilot playing on a TV monitor

" The worst situation was getting back at night with heavy battle damage - MFD's all out, no HUD information and gear that won't come down. From this you could eject, or try that belly landing..............

You did have the option of using the autoland system while hooked upto the ILS, but it was wise to get all the practice on manual landings possible. "

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