F-16 Combat Pilot

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Commodore Amiga

" The campaigns weren't fought solo against the masses of the Red Air Force, you did have your squadron mates to help you - and you could also assign them missions to help win the war, and I seem to remember they did a fair job too.

The start of the campaigns were really hectic, with you defending against the invasion, so you had to put up with everything - fighters, fixed SAM's and mobile units, plus enemy tank platoons attacking your airfields with helicopter support, and EWR stations.

I found the best tactic was, as in the real world, knock out the EWR stations, then go for the closest airbases. But it has to be said, even with a strategy in mind, this sim was no picnic and you really had to work for the results.

You had a fully functioning UFC in the cockpit, which gave you info on friendly airbases, mission waypoints and enemy air contacts as detected by your own EWR stations. You had to fly below 500ft AGL to avoid radar detection. But this worked for the enemy too, and they could stay hidden until they lined up on you and took their shot. There was also flak, and lots of it too when you attacked any enemy concentrations. And it was surprisingly accurate sometimes! "

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

F16 Combat Pilot playing on a TV monitor
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