F-19 Stealth Fighter (1989) F-19 Stealth Fighter (1989)
Exhibit:F-19 Stealth Fighter

Magazine advert for F-19 Stealth Fighter.

Magazine advert for F-19 Stealth Fighter

MiGMan thanks Lars Gramkow Nielsen for the scans.

I particularly enjoyed the aggressive marketing copy!

" Imagine Falcon - Imagine a few hundred square miles of fantasy.

Imagine F-29. Imagine a few thousand miles of fantasy.

Fly F-19.

Fly over 409,600 square miles of reality.

Fly fast.

Fly the real thing.

Over 3,300 missions possible.

Graphical detail and depth of gameplay are claims made by others. Here they are reality.

Fly F-19 soon on your Atari ST and Commodore Amiga."

He he he - I don't remember many advertising spiels comparing the square miles modelled in a sim - maybe consumers were more technically savvy in the 1980's or more likely the programming team was asked by marketing: "What makes this game better than the opposition?"

"Well it has 409,600 square miles of terrain!"

"Oh.... and that's good is it?"

"You betcha!"

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