F-22 Total Air War 2 F-22 Total Air War 2 F-22 Total Air War 2
Exhibit - F-22 Total Air War 2


  • New photorealistic terrain and new color palettes completely redefine the look of TAW.
  • Mod Management, Configuration, References, and the Mission Editor (TAWBC) are all accessible from a single integrated menu.
  • Configuration now allows you to choose your renderer, resolution, and Glide wrapper (if applicable) from the menu.
  • Increased integration with TAW Battle Commander (TAWBC) provides mission titles for your generated missions within the TAW mission menus.
  • TAWBC Mission Enhancer (TME) Utility allows you to automatically enhance your TAWBC missions.
  • Enhanced Avionics functionality.
  • Ability to change between NVGs and natural light while zoomed into an MFD (Windows XP and later).
  • East/West palettes with Glide renderer allow for more natural light transitions during morning and twilight hours.
  • Campaign Weapons Descriptions are now available.
  • Formation lighting for night F-22 skins.
  • "Nostalgia Mod" brings the graphics, sounds, and HUD/Cockpit back to 1998 standards.