F/A-18 Korea

Air Combat

A Jindivick Target Drone bites the dust!
A Jindivick Target Drone bites the dust!

Air Combat in F/A-18 Korea is a real challenge... a REAL challenge! You have to watch the RWR like a hawk and listen listen listen to the warning tones.

When the inevitable missile launch occurs, Ctrl-4 gives you a missile padlock view. However if your Situational Awareness is not up to speed at that point, the padlock view probably won't save you.

Those MiG-21
Those MiG-21's are darn good at evading your missiles.

Finally nailed this Flanker!
I finally nailed this Su-27 Flanker in a training mission. But look at my airspeed.. 97 kts indicated. Only the Fly-by-wire systems of the Hornet are keeping the aircraft under control at all and I'm a sitting duck, upside down and with almost zero manoeuverability! I

In a "combat" situation" I'd be dead meat! Not good enough I'm afraid...

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