F/A-18 Korea 

Air to Ground

MiGMan's Combat Diary

The air to ground action in F/A-18 Korea is intense and fluid.

It is also dangerous due to the accurate AAA operators who tend to shall we say... discourage straight and level flying in the target zone!

Probably the first Air to Ground systems to master should be the HARM (High Speed Anti Radiation Missile) which you'll use to quieten down enemy AAA and SAM sites.

F-117A Stealth Fighter
The F-117-A Stealth Fighter (actually a bomber!) will help you out as well as the enormous B-52. It's quite awesome to formate on one of those monsters.

B O O O M!
B O O O M! That's what we like to see!

M1A1 and Humvee
M1A1 and Humvee. This is a friendly convoy! You'll need to "cheat" using the '5' key to pick good form bad guys, as they're practically invisible from the air...just like in real life I guess!

After shooting down a few MiG's I felt ready to deal with the ground- pounders.

Piece of cake.

I had destroyed entire battalions of armoured vehicles in other sims! How hard could it be?

Into the mission editor, plonk a column of armoured T-72-s on the range, throw in a ZSU-23 for good measure.

(Mission title: mm_AG.msn).

Load the a/c with five (5) Mk-83 2,000 pounders...we're going to kick serious butt! MiG's can be troublesome at times I admit, but tanks...slow, heavy, in a word...targets, he he he. Ok. Taxiing smooth, found a shortcut to RWY 36, do a hard right hand turn from the parking area and off we go. Takeoff, turn due south. That's a B-52 up ahead, light the burners and get some formation practice in. Man, this bird is sluggish, oh yeh, over 10,000 lbs of extra iron hanging off the wings.

Seoul International off the port beam (left), select waypoint 2 and turn right to the range. Feet wet and the range is coming up, bombs selected, let's get some. Now where are they? ??? mmm...lower altitude... mmm... they certainly don't stand out like they do in some other sims on the market.


Oh yeah...the radar, turn it on (R), GMT mode to track vehicles (R). No contacts. Autopilot on to lessen the workload... play with azimuth, bar setting...must read up on that, oh...elevation ...not as easy as I thought and still no contacts.

Waypoint 2 reached...ok Back to visual search. autopilot off and go lower....where are they... ziiippp...riiiipppp....."Engine Left.......Engine Right...."

Ah....I think I found them, or maybe I should say... they found me.

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