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 F/A-18E Super Hornet | Carrier Ops: Taxi checklist

F/A-18E Super Hornet: Carrier Ops: Taxi checklist

Check that your Throttle controller is fully in the idle position.
Wheel Brake ON W
APU on Ctrl T
Left Engine On Y
Right Engine On U
Flaps to 1/2 Shift F
or Auto Flaps Ctrl F
Adjust HUD brightness to suit the lighting conditions
Set the DDIpages to suit you Ctrl F
Check the bearing of the first waypoint so you will know which way to turn after takeoff
The Tower will say:
"Hornet Leader. Permission to taxi."
"Hornet Leader . Proceed to cat."
Wait for the plane director to show you where to taxi to."
Increase Throttle
(Note your speed when stationary is still 20 - 30 knots due to the forward motion of the carrier).
Release Wheel brake W
Adjust Throttle until moving forward
Apply wheel brake to stop W
Lock Launch Bar down
GOTO the CAT LAUNCH checklist

Auxiliary Power Unit
Auxiliary Power Unit

The Launch Bar lever
The Launch Bar lever

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