Here he comes again.... D U C K !
"Jane, get me outta this crazy thing!" Most of the time in Super Hornet the wingmen are off doing their own thing. All according to plan of course but it gets a bit lonely up there sometimes. So, being last off the carrier deck as usual, one day I decided to issue the "follow me" order as soon as the mission started. The results were hilarious with the wingmen doing their best to "formate" on my stationary aircraft. This view is out the left of my cockpit from the carrier deck!

Inspired perhaps by Aram Katchaturian's "Sabre Dance", this flock of Flankers engaged in an ancient ritual.

... round and round they went.... nature's birds of war enjoying the simple pleasures.

Radical takeoffs

Call it a bug or call it fun, this is a take-off worth seeing!

A gaggle of Flankers taxiing out for takeoff. Nothing unusual in that. Nice airbase too.

The first Flanker turns onto the runway and the fun begins...

Quick acceleration ... OFF the tarmac and onto the grass!!

Now I know Soviet aircraft are fairly FODresistant but this is ridiculous!

But wait, the best is yet to come...

A radical takeoff style for an Su-27 Flanker
Whooooaaaahh! I'm just guessing here.... but I bet this is not an approved takeoff technique.

Off to play.

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