This page describes NAV mode only - there are also Air to Air and Air to Ground modes.

HUD Nav modes
(a) Heading The carat at centre of this scale indicates your current magnetic heading, in degrees. A heading of 000 corresponds to due north. As your aircraft turns right, the scale will move right to left, and vice versa.
Airspeed Your airspeed is displayed in the box on the left side of the HUD.
Altitude The boxed figure to the right of the HUD is your altitude, in feet.
Velocity vector Indicates the point towards which you are flying. Its position relative to the pitch ladder indicates whether your aircraft is climbing or descending. Level flight is maintained by keeping the velocity vector on the zero pitch line.
Pitch ladder The pitch ladder is a series of lines, drawn at 5-degree intervals, showing your pitch and roll attitude relative to the ground.
Bank angle scale Shows your current bank angle (how much you have rolled the wings), and is calibrated at 5, 15, 30 and 45 degrees. Its triangular pointer slides back and forth along the top of the scale to indicate your current degree of roll.
Angle of attack Also AoA, or alpha.
Your present angle of attack, in degrees.
G load Indicates current g force (the number of times normal gravity) affecting the aircraft

Text and image from Digital Integration's F/A-18E Super Hornet manual.

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