My Celeron-466 was pretty close to DI's recommended minimum, the only difference being a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee and the sim was very playable on it.

In 1999 I was able to run the sim with this level of detail on a Celeron-466 233Mhz with no apparent slowdown!

I had to turn some of the detail and distance sliders down, but put micro-texture on FULL to get the great sensation of speed at low level. The resolution was set to 800 x 600 as 1024 x 768 made the HUD too hard to read on a 15"" monitor. Jerkiness was visible, but tolerable while on the carrier deck, but in the air things smoothed out.

We also tried the sim on a P350 with the same graphics card and 256 meg of RAM. Running at 1024 x 768 with ALL the graphics options maxed out the sim was as smooth as silk.

2000 On gigaherz plus machines with a decent graphics card the sim would run as smooth as silk. My AMD Athlon XP2200+ didn't even breathe hard.
2005 Win XP
  • Right click on the shortcut to F18 Super Hornet
  • Select "Compatibility"
  • Select "Windows 98"

Hello. I recently purchased this sim and found your site to be very helpful while I waited to receive it!

You had great info and wonderful pics of the sim that really got me into it. I received the sim today and got it installed on my system. I got the specs in the config setup and ran the sim.

The beginning movie ran great and was fun to watch, but, when the UI screen tried to load, my screen went blue and stayed that way :( I see your site has not been updated in a while so don't know if your going to recieve this, but was hoping you could help me?

I tried putting the exe file into compatibility for win98 and turned all the other options on, but still get the problem. I have listed my specs below and hope you can help. Thanks!

  • Win XP SP3
  • AMD Athlon XP 2800
  • 1GB DDR Ram
  • ATI Radeon 256MB Graphics
  • 400FSB
  • USB Joystick

Adam Stamey

February 2009

The problem might be with the ATI card? Perhaps a Flight Sim Museum reader might have an answer?


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