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 F/A-18E Super Hornet | Carrier Ops: Landing checklist

F/A-18E Super Hornet: Carrier Ops: Landing checklist

As you get in visual range of the Carrier
Speed 140 kts
Throttle ~ 75 %
Angle of Attack ..
Rate of Descent 700 - 900 fpm

The Fresnel Lens or "Meatball"

The Fresnel Lens Landing System is apparently modelled very accurately, but is only visible during the last 5 seconds of the approach. At this point the Landing Signals Officer is screaming directions at you:

... at the rate of about 2 instructions per second! I found there simply wasn't time to look at the Meatball. And following the cues on the HUD seemed to do the trick quite nicely.

The autopilot flies a perfect approach.
The autopilot flies a perfect approach, every time.

... I on  the other hand... ...
Myself, on the other hand...

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