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 F/A-18E Super Hornet | Carrier Ops: Approach

F/A-18E Super Hornet: Carrier Ops: Approach

If you follow the last few waypoints of your flight plan you will be in a good position for a carrier approach and landing.

Check that a/c weight is below 42,900 lbs.

If the a/c weighs more than 42,900 lbs you risk collapsing the landing gear on touchdown.

Hint : Select CHK at PBR1

The weight is displayed next to A/C WT

If you are over 42,900 lbs, proceed to the Jettison checklist

Deactivate your countermeasures dispenser.

Press EW (Electronic Warfare)
on the UFC

Press MODE and select OFF

The green lamp above the RHS DDI indicates safe mode

Select ILS Steering display

Press D/L ILS on the UFC or press the ILS button on the MPCD

Select Sea Search radar mode

Press Menu on a DDI

Press RDR

Display Engine Performance

Select ENG from the second DDI

Contact Carrier Control for vectors to the approach point by pressing L

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