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 F/A-18E Super Hornet | Carrier Ops: Approach

F/A-18E Super Hornet: Carrier Ops: Approach

Being able to quickly find the aircraft carrier becomes pretty important when your fuel is low. If you're like me you'll be all strung out too after some harrowing dogfights.

1. Finding the Carrier with TACAN

Use the UFC to cycle the TACAN frequency to the carrier (Station RRG)

Switch to TACAN steering via the MPCD pushbutton 1 to get steering cues.

2. Using Carrier Control

Press L

Carrier Control wil give you a vector to the pre-approach point (PAP) and your distance from it in miles.

The PAP will also be set as the next waypoint on the HUD and MPCD.

Once you have passed or reached the pre-approach point you will be given a final bearing.

The Multi Purpose Colour Display
The Multi Purpose Colour Display

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