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Fighters Anthology brought the DOS sims US Navy Fighters, Marine Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, NATO Fighters and the Windows sim USNF '97 into one collection under Windows.
Exhibit: Fighters Anthology

USNF '97

Vietnam Campaign Guide

Vietnam Mission 17


DATE: Aug 7, 1972
Time: 1500
Weather: Fog

MiGMan's Combat Diary

Aircraft: They recommend the F-8J,
I suggest the F-4J Phantom II

Mission Map: Change the flight plan as shown.

Vietnam Mission 17

Load Ordnance: As usual, lose the two external fuel pods and adjust internal fuel to 79%.

Notes: Try to stay above the fog. Use the Bad Weather / Night Intercept Checklist if you have to descend into the soup. To land, try designating the carrier on Ground Radar(Shift-R), fly over it and execute a landing pattern.

Bear in mind that an IFR carrier landing is about the most difficult thing you can attempt in the world of flying. If you quit the mission (Ctrl-Q) within 3 miles of the carrier you will still get a "Mission successful" message.