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Fighters Anthology brought the DOS sims US Navy Fighters, Marine Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, NATO Fighters and the Windows sim USNF '97 into one collection under Windows.
Exhibit: Fighters Anthology

USNF '97

Vietnam Campaign Guide

Vietnam Mission 09

Thanh Hoa Bridge

DATE: June 5th, 1972
Time: 1130
Weather: Cloud Cover
Aircraft: F-4J Phantom II

Flight Target Time on Target (TOT) Feet Wet
White Strike 6:59 13:12
Green WW (7:00) 14:43
Orange WW 4:01 7:43

MiGMan's Combat Diary

Load Ordnance: Lose the two external fuel pods and adjust internal fuel to 79%.

The low cloud ceiling (5,000 ft) makes dogfighting difficult. Be wary of collisions in cloud and of impacting the ground. Look at MiGMan's checklist for radar intercepts in bad weather.

Vietnam Mission 9