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F18 Thunderstrike on the COLOR GAMEBOY! Chino reported :

"Yes, in the interest of completeness for the Flight Sim Museum, I bought a flight sim for my daughter's Color Gameboy (which is normally used for Pokemon Yellow). She will probably protest that this is really for ME (true) and that therefore I should buy her another Gameboy game that is really for her (then she will end up keeping and playing F-18 Thunder Strike too). I understand this, yet I am still doomed!

This little program has two modes, arcade and sim. The sim mode has radar, multiple weapons, aerial refueling (!?!), ejection, and carrier landings -- instructions warn about crosswinds during final approach!


It probably sucks (otherwise why was it only USD $18 - maybe too complex for the Game Boy target audience?). And it may be tough to control with gamepad and two buttons. But I'll scan the box and report in the interest of sim research. Science marches on!

Box art Here is the Gameboy itself, this is the cool transparent case version, and I pasted the F-18 screen onto it...

Game Boy Colour running F18 Thunderstrike


The Game Boy is a little bigger than an audio cassette case (so the screen is VERY small for these old eyes - I have to take my glasses off and get close -- fine for kids though, and it runs forever on regular AA batteries -- no backlight on the display).

They are porting many games to this little thing -- you can even get Tomb Raider and Duke Nukem!