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Falcon 3.0: The cover of the Official Falcon 3.0 Strategy Guide
Falcon 3.0: Official Falcon 3.0 Strategy Guide

This was my second strategy guide purchase, and although it is thinner than Falcon 3.0 Complete, it had a lot of useful stuff, including "insider" tips and information on F3 updates. It was useful to have a second viewpoint on some of the more complex aspects of F3. The writing is good and sometimes even funny (I love the picture of the SA-6 SAM and the caption describing it as "a delightful missile").

SA-6  Surface to Air Missile

MiGMan thanks Chinofor this overview.
Art of the Kill
"It isn't really a strat guide, more an Air Combat Manoeuvering and Basic Combat Manoeuvering guide.

It was realistic enough to apply many real world tactics, and this is what real-life Viper driver Pete Bonanni tried to show in this small book. AOTK is not as much a sim strategy guide as it is a brief introduction to BFM and ACM. These diagrams and explanations helped me to understand lag pursuit, turning circles, weapon envelopes, and other basics of air-to-air combat. There is a bit of "G for brains" orientation here (the F3 F-16 turns better than almost anything, so get to corner speed, pull 9G, take the shot), but this is a bit more manageable than starting with Shaw's "Fighter Combat". There was also an AOTK video which is now available on the web.

Looking at these now, I see I have learned a lot in 5+ years, but there are things in the Falcon 3.0 complete guide especially that I can still learn from -- good explanations and diagrams, but I wasn't able to absorb it all back in my Falcon 3 days!

MiGMan thanks Chinofor this overview.

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