Falcon 2.2 - the Mac version

Falcon 2.2 - the Macintosh version

Mark Hermonat reported :

The retail box for Falcon for the mac looked just like the PC, Amiga and Atari versions. Since it was the original version though it was programmed by Gilman Louie himself. At E3 two years ago, I had the pleasure of getting Gilman's autograph on my Falcon manual. Something to treasure.

The mac version made it up to version 2.2.2 before they went on to Falcon 3.0 and Falcon MC (mac color) for the Mac. I have a great book for the original Falcon series called Turn and Burn by Howard Bornstein which was the best strategy guide of its kind at the time.

Splash screen

Versions of the classic F-16 combat flight sim "Falcon":
F-16 Fighting Falcon - 1985
Falcon AT
Falcon 2.2 - the Mac version
Falcon 2.5
Falcon 3.0
Falcon 4.0
Falcon 4 Allied Force

Falcon 2.2 - radar


Falcon 2.2 0 Aiming reticle

Aiming reticle

Falcon 2.2.-  ADI

Attitude Direction Indicator (ADI)

Gilman Louie
Gilman Louie