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Falcon: Maps

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The play area in Falcon was extremely limited by 1990's standards. As a flight sim beginner I found this wasn't a big issue as I still managed to get lost! Every mission started with your aircraft lined up for takeoff in the airfield at bottom right!

Those round symbols on the map represented hills... although to the "uninitiated" they appeared to be pyramids!

There were two types of bridge to attack, and although you couldn't actually fly under them, we used to have a lot of fun flying as low as possible in formation, West along the road and over the suspension bridge. Head to head play was easy with two Atari ST computers and a null-modem cable.

To the east of your airbase were static ground targets for Air to Ground Practice. To the South West there was a "Ghost Town", wild west style complete with saloon.

The terrain in Falcon was billiard - table flat, except for the "pyramids"!

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This scan from the Steam install, 2019.