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 Falcon | Campaign

Falcon: Campaign

Year played Info

There were 12 missions in the original Falcon:

  • MILK RUN: Bomb practice buildings.
  • BLACK BANDIT: Shoot down one MiG-21
  • RATTLE SNAKE ROUNDUP: Destroy 3 SAM sites
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: Shoot down 2 MiGs
  • DRAGON'S TAIL: Destroy enemy suspension bridge
  • DRAGON's JAW: Destroy enemy cantilever bridge
  • HORNET'S NEST: Destroy enemy runway
  • BEAR'S DEN: Destroy enemy communication
  • VENUS FLYTRAP: Destroy SAM sites by regional airfield
  • STRIKE PALACE: Destroy enemy headquarters
  • DOUBLE DRAGON: Take both suspension and cantilever bridges
  • GRAND SLAM: Defend your base against 4 MiGs.

That was it... 12 missions !!!!

I must have replayed them hundreds of times, they never played exactly the same twice due to the interaction with the MiGs and SAMs. It was a great way to drill the basics of air combat.

MiGMan thanks Rick Keller for digging out the documentation on the missions.