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 Falcon | Installation

Falcon: Installation

Year Info
1988 Ran straight from the floppy on my Atari ST. Ran perfectly well on my mate's IBM, although if course it didn't look as nice!
2001 To play it on a fast computer today you'll need a utility such as mo-slo to slow down your system.
2019 --/o\-- Steam version --/o\--
Unplayable. Too fast and no command list.

Easy enough for the publisher to fix though...

--/o\-- SPEED --/o\--
It needs to run at the correct speed. The DOSBOX clock is set at 3000hz, which may look right on paper, but the sim runs at a fantastically unplayable tempo.

I get it, they calculated that about 40fps would be nice... but the sim was designed to run at somewhere between 2-5 fps, from memory (hey, it was 30 years ago!)

--/o\-- MANUAL --/o\--
Manuals and key commands need to be included (they are not). Falcon has about 50 commands, so, good luck at guessing those!

--/o\-- PRICE --/o\--
And the price... $9.95? I bought MiG-29 Fulcrum, a sophisticated 3DFX 1998 sim, at Steam for $3.95. IMO $1.95, an impulse buy price would be right for this release. Yes the stand-alone price is $9.95, but you can get it as part of "Buy Falcon Collection", which includes Falcon, Falcon 4.0, Falcon A.T., Falcon Gold for $AUD $14.95

Falcon: Installation