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User mods

Sam Walker reported:
"There Have been some MAJOR updates to Fighter Squadron by the user community. When you combine these with the 1.5 patch, it's like a whole new game. Nations 2 adds Russia, Italy, France, Australia and Japan to the list of nations you can fly for. A new campaign called The Desert Fox campaign has been created. Numerous missions have been created, including 800 online missions. Weapon strengths have been adjusted to make them more realistic. You can download winter terrain for SDOE too.

"As you can see the SDOE community is very active. The new planes are gorgeous and a blast to fly."

Many projects are under development by the user community including:

  • There is a group working on WWI planes (several are complete) and WWI terrain.
  • Trains for ground attack missions
  • A Russian campaign and more missions using the new planes.
  • Engine damage model
  • Fire extinguishing capabilities for engine fires
  • More planes - P-39, Val, Kate, P-40, Il-2, Dauntless, Avenger, B-24, a new B-17 model, He-111, Me-163, PZL P.11c, Sea Hurricane, Manchester, F-86,
  • MiG 15, Bf-110, A-10, and several WWI aircraft (including a Zeppelin).
  • Paratroops!

Plane Pack 6

Besides updating the flight and damage models, it provides realistic looking glass from the inside of the cockpits. The following planes are added:


  • P-47D
  • A-36 Apache
  • B-17F
  • F4F Hellcat
  • Corsair - 4 versions
  • P80B Shooting Star

Please note that the carrier planes have operating tailhooks and you can land and takeoff from carriers.

Great Britain

  • Seafire Mk1
  • Spitfire- 3 new versions
  • Hurricane MK1
  • Beaufighter- 3 different Models
  • Corsair II


  • Japan: A6M2 and A6M5 Zero


  • Yak3
  • Pe-2
  • I-16


  • Bf109 E, F, and K versions
  • Mistel 1 and 3
  • Fw-190 a3, a8, d9
  • Ta-152
  • Ju-88 night fighter, and 2 new bomber versions
  • He-100d
  • Go 229
  • He-162
  • Ju-87


  • Fr Hurricane
  • Fr Lancaster


The planes for Italy are under development.

Plane Pack 6 includes new drivable vehicles and new hangers with open doors. In addition, there is a new prop texture created by a user that flies real planes called realprops, numerous soundpacks and skins.

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