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 Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough | Fighters Anthology (1998) vietnam

Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough

Fighters Anthology (1998)

Vietnam Mission 01


DATE: May 10th, 1972
Time: 1000
Weather: Clear
A/C: F-4J Phantom II

MiGMan's Combat Diary

Load Ordnance: The mission starts in the air, so remove the 2 external wing tanks, and adjust fuel to 79 % to simulate a realistic fuel load at this point in the mission.

Notes: Your wingman will report contacts, so be ready to order "Attack contact" Alt F. As you egress to Waypoint E, perform a full circle turn every minute or so and check your radar for bandits. Cruise at 75 -80 % throttle (4) to enable your wingman to keep up. At Waypoint G, tell your wingman to "Bug Out" (Alt-B) and follow him at 1 mile separation for a carrier landing.

Loading your F-4 Phantom
Loading your F-4 Phantom