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 Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough | Fighters Anthology (1998) vietnam

Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough

Fighters Anthology (1998)

Vietnam Mission 02

Strike on the Paul Doumer Bridge

DATE: May 10th, 1972
Time: 1300
Weather: Clear
Aircraft: F4-J Phantom II

MiGMan's Combat Diary

Mission Map: Set altitude at waypoints B, C and D to 20,000 ft, to keep you above the AAA expected at the target.

Vietnam Mission 2

Load Ordnance:

Ordnance on the F4-J Phantom

Once again the mission begins in the air so remove the 2 wing tanks and reduce internal fuel to 79 %. Load an AVQ-10 Pave Knife and 2 x GBU-10 Paveway I's. You might wish to replace the AIM-7's with AIM-9's.

Look out for MiG's as you egress.