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 Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough | Fighters Anthology (1998) vietnam

Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough

Fighters Anthology (1998)

Vietnam Mission 05

Pipeline - TARCAP

DATE: May 15th, 1972
Time: 1500
Weather: Cloud Cover
Aircraft: F4-J Phantom II

Mission Map: Note that the task force has moved south to Route Pack 2. You are no 1 in Blue flight. Before you plan your CAP flight you need to know the TOT ( Time On Target) of the other elements in the strike package.

Flight Target Time on Target (TOT) Feet Wet
White AAA 3:35 5:37
Green Fuel tank 2:54 6:44
Orange SAM 1:30 2:51

MiGMan's Combat Diary

As you can see, the CAP needs to last about 6 minutes mission time. The most likely source of MiGs is Vinh airbase and White flight will help to cover that source of threats. Try my suggested flight plan, set speed to 400 knots.

Map for Vietnam mission 5

Load Ordnance: The mission starts about 40 miles from the Kittyhawk, so lose the 2 external tanks and adjust internal fuel to 79 %. You might want add an AGM-45B Shrike to the centerline station.

Notes: Mission Accomplished" when Green flight exits the target area.