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 Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough | Fighters Anthology (1998) vietnam

Vietnam Campaign Walkthrough

Fighters Anthology (1998)

Vietnam Mission 06

Uong Bi Power Plant

DATE: May 18th, 1972
Time: 0700
Weather: Clear
Aircraft: F4-J Phantom II

MiGMan's Combat Diary

Mission Map: In this mission you are flying the strike element in Blue Flight, White, Black and Green will provide CAP and SEAD. To see the target, show "OTHER" form the menu and look near Waypoint C. Set WP B 5 miles south of the target @ 10,000 ft. This will set you up nicely for the roll-in to the bomb run.

Load Ordnance: Fuel: no external and 79% internal. Mk-84 Slick x 4 AIM-7E or AIM-9B x 2 (You are not planning to hang around and dogfight)

Vietnam Mission 6

Notes: At waypoint A activate Ground Radar (shift R) and lock up the mission objective. Look out for MiG's.