The Rowan FOTI team

Because Flight of the Intruder was such a remarkable sim, the development team deserves a place in the Hall of Fame. Of eternity.

Programming Team:
Chris Orton
Colin Bell
Paul Dunscombe
Stephen Parys
James Taylor
Dave Whiteside

Artwork and animations:
Mark Shaw
Jody Sather
Matt Carlstrom

World file:
Paul Dunscombe
Mark Shaw
Stephen Tickle

Music and Sounds:
Colin Bell
Lars Norpchen

Flight Models:
Vera Piqueur
Colin Thorpe
Colin Bell

Rod Hyde
Robert Argento
Nick Lavroff
Steve Perrin
Robert Giedt

Manual Artwork:
Chuck Butler

Photo Reference:
Jack McGinn
Gilman Louie
Stephen Coonts
Phil Hanley
Norman Cosand