Rob "Bomber" Henderson remembers Flight of the Intruder


The main structure of the sim was split into the following : you could do single missions in both the A-6 or F-4, for which there was a lengthy selection. Most missions would see you flying with at least your wingman, and on many the missions would be made up of multiple flights, using both A-6 and F-4's. One of the most impressive features was the ability to jump between friendly aircraft, no matter what type - very useful if you've used up all your stores, but still need that extra bomb to take out that SAM or bridge.

One of the most disappointing things was the AI of the friendly flights - especially the A-6's, as they hardly ever seemed to drop any ordnance on target, however, they were capable of defending themselves against SAM launches ( which was one thing I suppose ).

The F-4's AI was a little better, though still lacking in the air-ground scene, they would usually have a crack at any MiG's in the area. Once you had completed one of the single missions, you would be awarded a mission patch to go on your flight suit.

Another way of adding a bit of colour to the suit was by landing on the wrong carrier ( there were 2 or 3 carriers on station ). By doing this, your suit would get decorated with various colours as a reward for your error - this is something that actually happened during the war on some carriers, although it was the aircraft that tended to get the new paint work, not the pilot!


Flight of the Intruder

Flight of the Intruder

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

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