Rob "Bomber" Henderson remembers Flight of the Intruder

"As you have guessed by now, what promised to be a superb sim was dogged by bugs - most of which were unavoidable. But don't get me wrong, when this sim worked, it worked well and I loved it.

I think it was just a victim of below par play testing and basically rushing to get the game out on the shop shelves. I never played this sim on any other machine, so I can't say if this holds true for any other format, but I think if they could have held fire on the release for a month or maybe two to work on zapping those faults ( even just fixing the campaign to make it dynamic and the ejecting death problem ), this sim would have been among the very best ever seen and flown on the Amiga.

Flight of the Intruder  - Magazine adverts

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

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