Flight of the Intruder

Flight of the Intruder

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This classic sim was inspired by the book of the same name by Steven Coonts. Read the book, watch the movie, play the game!

Innovation in views:
The slightly-left-and-up position (Keypad 7) was excellent in a left hand turn. For the first time I could really get a grip on flying formation and keeping an eyeball on the bogie in a turn.

FOTI was developed by two teams, one in the USA and one in the UK.

Flyable aircraft were the A-6 Intruder, F-4 Phantom, MiG-21 - this was the first time I got to fly a MiG-21! I remember flying head-to-head against my brother - he in the F-4 Phantom and myself in the MiG-21. Somehow he could always tell which aircraft was piloted by me despite my best efforts to send in the drones first!

Splash Screen Flight of the Intruder A6 Intruder F-4 Phantom Arming screens

Until Falcon 3.0 was released, Flight of the Intruder led the pack in features. I remember getting FOTI for the Atari ST, sometime after I came across Falcon, and being amazed at the depth of the simulation, especially the mission planning options.

The mission designer was very powerful and you could jump from aircraft to aircraft in flight.

Arming the aircraft involved making a lot of decisions! Luckily the manual contained an extensive weapons cookbook.

Dive bombing I remember as being difficult - you had to dial in the mil settings and dive at a set altitude - angle and airspeed to get iron on the target. The manual was extensive and contained the necessary tables for these calculations.

Flight of the Intruder  - Magazine adverts Cockpit - F4 Phantom Cockpit of the A-6 Intruder Cockpit views