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Flight of the Intruder

Dave Whiteside on the development of FOTI.

" Hehe - I wrote the menu system for Falcon on the ST/Amiga as my first job at Rowan - my brief was to emulate the MAC look and feel.

:   )

... which I did.... and then added options in the menus so it could be Mac / ST / Amiga style.

We had a couple of 20Mhz 68020's [4Mb] and one IIRC 33Mhz - 68030 [8Mb] for development - so it had to run with the added speed...

... a lot of effort was put into making it fit on two disks [floppys where expensive in those days..] and getting it to run in 512K [size of a cache these days..] the 1Mb version had a bit of headroom left - it cached the files off one of the disks...

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