Quabbin Reservoir - Massachusetts

This means I will have to go to the USGS site and grab all the files myself since the Boston area files that someone conveniently posted end just west of ORH. I also need to figure out the problem with elevation in my scenery -- after flying it IRL and seeing what the elevation looks like from 3000' it is clear that it is rendered too flat for some reason. Probably a subdivision problem (the editor subdivides the tiles into sub-tiles if the elevation in a tile changes more than a threshold, which you can set lower -- this smooths out the terrain to some extent -- more tiles hurts frame rate -- more stuff to worry about, but it really is motivational to have the simulated and real flying worlds match up like this). I might take some photos up there some time too, but I find that distracts from the flying, and my multi-tasking ability is already pegged!

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