Seeing as I had an overseas visitor coming to town and I'd arranged a flight in mate Ken Woolfe's Cessna 172 - I thought a practice run would be in order. Now which sim?

Unfortunately Falcon 4.0 doesn't have Sydney scenery ... YET!... so I was left with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 or FLY!.

Having read FlyingSinger's report on TerraScene 2 I was all revved up for a night of downloading and compiling - having been promised this was "easy" - hopefully easier than patching Falcon 4.0 !!!

So, hopes high, I set off via the FLY! links page to get me some Terrascene....

Minutes later I had turned an unnatural shade of scenery green as I saw that the download was 25 MEG - that was OK - but 100 MEG for the new scenery files!!! Mmmmm - with a 56 KL modem that would take me 8 hours - but my connection times out at 4 hours. I could use Gozilla to breaj up the download but I had gotten rid of that program after the "spyware" scandals early in 1999.

All was not lost however!


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