Flying Nightmares

Flying Nightmares

Flying Nightmares was eagerly awaited for years. Well, at least I was waiting for! It was set to be an evolution of SVGA - AV8B Harrier Assault, with more detail in the Real time Strategy elements.

The involvement of Brian Walker, an ex AH-64 Apache pilot added to the expectations.

Eventually the sim disappeared from sight as far as PC gamers were concerned and based on one demo video I saw released on a CD magazine, the port to Nintendo 3DO and Apple Macintosh was a dumbed down arcade version!

Niko Airaksinen had the Macintosh version and set me straight on the MAC version:

"On your Flying Nightmares page there you said that a Macintosh-version was a dumbed down Arcade-version. However that was not so.

It included all the promised tactical features. You actually did control the movements of tarawa, land units and helicopters. Ordered attack, CAS and interdiction missions. It had a good flight model with vicious energy bleed. Enemy troops were cleverly stationed so that if you attacked them purely as a pilot (computer making tactical decisions), the difficulty gradually increased as the enemy forces grew stronger.

When I played the campaign the second time I attacked the enemy´s strongest positions. There was an incredible amount of action going on, enemy attacking my ships. When I succeeded taking most of the sams out, I ordered an invasion and eventually won the campaign. It was a very good sim and I´m sad that they never finished the sequel. It is still the tactically deepest sim ever published on the Macintosh platform. Well, nowadays I fly PC too and regularly play sims."

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